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Prof. Panos Tsakaloyannis

Prof. Panos Tsakaloyannis

Prof. Dr. Panos Tsakaloyannis is associate professor of European Integration at the Athens University of Economics and holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration. He studied at the West London College, the University of Reading and the Graduate School of European Studies, and wrote his PhD about European political cooperation at the University of Reading.

Before his position at the Athens University of Economics, he was visiting professor at the University of Frankfurt, Volkswagen Research Fellow at the University of Giessen and associate professor at the European Institute of Public Administration. He was also lecturer in numerous European institutions and universities, including the University of Amsterdam, the College of Europe, the Bundesakademie, the University of Reading and the University of Athens. He is currently member of the editorial board of the Journal of European Integration and of the Greek Association of European Studies.

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The Project "EU-Central Asia in the International System" (EUCAIS) is organised with significant funding from the VolkswagenFoundation and financially supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme JEAN MONNET of the European Commission.

The Volkswagen Foundation is an independent non-profit organization and has been funding research projects in all disciplines since 1962. Within the framework of changing funding initiatives, it gives specific impetus for the scientific community.

The Jean Monnet Programme in the Lifelong Learning Programme stimulates teaching, research and reflection on European integration at higher education institutions throughout the world. Since its inception, the Jean Monnet Programme has been built on the strict respect of the principle of academic autonomy and freedom.